6th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages:

Beyond the Manual Channel

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The Book of Abstracts can be downloaded here.

The Proceedings can be downloaded here.

  • Antonio Balvet and Marie-Anne Sallandre:
    Mouth features as non-manual cues for the categorization of lexical and productive signs in French Sign Language (LSF)
  • Carl Börstell, Johanna Mesch and Lars Wallin:
    Segmenting the Swedish Sign Language corpus: On the possibilities of using visual cues as a basis for syntactic segmentation
  • Yosra Bouzid, Oussama El Ghoul and Mohamed Jemni:
    Synthesizing facial expressions for sign language avatars
  • Annelies Braffort:
    Eye gaze annotation practices: Description vs. interpretation
  • Onno Crasborn and Richard Bank:
    An annotation scheme for mouth actions in sign languages
  • Arturo Curiel and Christophe Collet:
    Implementation of an automatic sign language lexical annotation framework based on Propositional Dynamic Logic
  • Athanasia-Lida Dimou, Theodore Goulas, Eleni Efthimiou, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Panagiotis Karioris, Michalis Pissaris, Dimitis Korakakis and Kiki Vasilaki:
    Creation of a multipurpose sign language lexical resource: The GSL lexicon database
  • Rémi Dubot and Christophe Collet:
    A hybrid formalism to parse sign languages
  • Michael Filhol, Mohamed Nassime Hadjadj and Annick Choisier:
    Non-manual features: The right to indifference
  • Sílvia Gabarró-López and Laurence Meurant:
    When nonmanuals meet semantics and syntax: Towards a practical guide for the segmentation of sign language discourse
  • Carlo Geraci and Alessandro Mazzei:
    Last train to “Rebaudengo Fossano”: The case of some names in avatar translation
  • Thomas Hanke:
    Annotation of mouth activities with iLex
  • Matt Huenerfauth and Hernisa Kacorri:
    Release of experimental stimuli and questions for evaluating facial expressions in animations of American Sign Language
  • Rekha Jayaprakash and Thomas Hanke:
    How to use depth sensors in sign language corpus recordings
  • Trevor Johnston and Jane van Roekel:
    Mouth-based non-manual coding schema used in the Auslan corpus: Explanation, application and preliminary results
  • Oscar Koller, Hermann Ney and Richard Bowden:
    Weakly supervised automatic transcription of mouthings for gloss-based sign language corpora
  • Okan Kubus:
    Discourse-based annotation of relative clause constructions in Turkish Sign Language (TID): A case study
  • Andrea Lackner and Nikolaus Riemer:
    Signing thoughts! A methodological approach within the semantic field work used for coding nonmanuals which express modality in Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS)
  • Marcos Luzardo, Ville Viitaniemi, Matti Karppa, Jorma Laaksonen and Tommi Jantunen:
    Estimating head pose and state of facial elements for sign language video
  • Lara Mantovan, Carlo Geraci and Anna Cardinaletti:
    Addressing the cardinals puzzle: New insights from non-nanual markers in Italian Sign Language
  • John McDonald, Rosalee Wolfe, Robyn Moncrief and Souad Baowidan:
    Analysis for synthesis: Investigating corpora for supporting the automatic generation of role shift
  • Kristin Mulrooney, Julie Hochgesang, Carla Morris and Katie Lee:
    The “how-to” of integrating FACS and ELAN for analysis of non-manual features in ASL
  • Carol Neidle, Jingjing Liu, Bo Liu, Xi Peng, Christian Vogler and Dimitris Metaxas:
    Computer-based tracking, analysis, and visualization of linguistically significant nonmanual events in American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Ingrid Notarrigo and Laurence Meurant:
    Nonmanuals and markers of (dis)fluency
  • Anna Puupponen, Tommi Jantunen, Ritva Takkinen, Tuija Wainio and Outi Pippuri:
    Taking non-manuality into account in collecting and analyzing Finnish Sign Language video data
  • Päivi Rainò, Marja Huovila and Irja Seilola:
    Visualizing the spatial working memory in mathematical discourse in Finnish Sign Language
  • Krister Schönström and Johanna Mesch:
    Use of nonmanuals by adult L2 signers in Swedish Sign Language – Annotating the nonmanuals